Courage to Explore

If you have a problem application, we'll work with you to solve it. If you have an unattainable deadline, we'll work with you to make it attainable. We have an extensive knowledge of interior product materials and airframe engineering, which qualifies us to work with customers and manufacturers at the product-development level to accommodate the most complex needs.


The creation of beautiful aircraft interiors is an art, but behind that art is a series of exacting product standards that assure flightworthiness and durability. We maintain a comprehensive system to assure product quality, lot control and complete traceability for every product we supply. Our quality manual is based on the AS9120 standard and is periodically updated as industry specifications and customer requirements evolve.

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VASI IPG is an approved interior materials supplier for airframe manufacturers, refurbishment centers, consulting designers, independent interior installers and discriminating aircraft owners.