About VASI Aerospace IPG

Kevin Stultz, Co-Owner and President

Born and raised in Wichita, Kevin Stultz is co-owner and President of VASI Aerospace IPG (Interior Products Group).

Stultz became a pilot early in life and flies a Cessna 182 Skylane. His love of airplanes and the aviation industry has kept him in the business since his early college years at Wichita State University where he earned his bachelor of science and studied graduate level finance.

Since Stultz founded his first company, VASI Aerospace, in 1992 he has been focused on delivering quality and value, specializing in interior-related goods and materials, to his customers for nearly 25 years.

Stultz leads the company’s technical qualification and certification efforts, fabricated assemblies, VASI IPG’s Quality Management System (QMS) and oversees day-to-day administrative documentation requirements.

Bo Tinker, Co-Owner and Vice President

Bo Tinker

Bo Tinker, co-owner and Vice President loves helping people and supporting the aviation community in Wichita. “I have always admired the city for its foundation in aviation and the history that dates back,” Tinker says. “It’s always been a great story that continues to be told here.” Tinker is a 1997 graduate of Kansas State University, earning his bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Tinker pursues as his primary role, supporting customers in their efforts to provide the most innovative products in the Corporate and General Aviation markets today, even if it means research and development of specialized materials for complex applications. He leads the company’s product research and innovation efforts, oversees daily operations throughout order fulfillment, and is involved in sales and business development. 

In 2003, with the formation of VASI Aerospace IPG, Stultz and Tinker joined forces to direct their experience and energies toward a single goal: to create the best in-stock aircraft interior materials collection available. This unwavering passion drives every decision they make and sets the tone for their company.